6 Advantages of Inverter Generators

If you are in the market for a generator, I am sure you have noticed that there are many types. There are standby, portable, traditional inverter, hybrid, closed frame, duel fuel etc. Today we will focus mainly on a close-frame inverter generator and it's advantages. Although these  generators are nearly double in price I will give you 6 potential reasons why you might want to splurge.  

1.  It's quiet- usually when we think of generators we think it being extremely loud during operation. However, inverter generators use advanced technology to keep noise to a minimum. Therefore great for areas where quiet is appreciated.

2. It's compact and lightweight- inverter generators are more compact in size and better for transporting and storage.

3. It's safe for electronics- Sensitive electronics like cellphones, computers and TV's require "clean" power to avoid damaging them. Unlike in traditional generators where the power is fed straight from engine to power outlet, in the inverter generator the power goes from the engine thru the inverter to the outlets making it "clean".

4. It's fuel efficient and eco-friendly- Inverter generators have special adjustments built into the engine that make it use less fuel. The internal computer adjusts the energy being used depending on what is plugged into the machine. Can be up to 30% more efficient than a traditional.

5. It's modular- no longer would you have to buy a new machine for more power. 2 of these machines can be linked to together to provide as much power as needed.

6. They are smart- they give feedback on the power being used, fuel level and when maintanence is needed.