About us

Emergency Energy Solution is an online retailer providing competitive prices on all types of generators and accessories. Our office is in Florida and we distribute nationwide.

Every part of this country contends with some kind of natural disaster that causes power outages or disruption to our energy needs. I felt it was necessary to start something to make people aware of their choices to feel better prepared when unexpected situations arise. 

But our products also have other uses. Some can be great for recreation, whether it be camping, hiking, tailgating or outdoor parties they can allow you to have be outdoors but still stay connected.

As CEO, I wanted to take my 30 years of business experience and create something that could benefit people. I want people to know they can rely on me for truth and pertinent information about our energy products designed for everyone everywhere.

My main goal is to provide a memorable experience. It’s worth it. I have a great team providing top customer service. As we continue to grow, we strive to execute with excellence.

If you have any questions about our products, or if you would like to check the availability of an item, please contact us.